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Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate about preserving the legacy of reggae music in the UK

The initiative was started by Colin Brown aka CeeBee Multimedia.  Like-minded people have volunteered their time and skills to help create a resource with accurate information free to access for the benefit of the community.

This website is a continuous ‘Work In Progress’, you never truly ‘finish’ a website so it will continue to evolve over time.

We launched in January 2023 with some basic content initially to promote the 1970’s Lovers Rock UK Exhibition at the Windrush Generation Legacy Association unit in Croydon, Surrey.

The strategy is first to list significant points in UK Reggae History and then seek to obtain content for the website.  Where suitable content already exists elsewhere a link will be used to direct visitors there.

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Our Mission

This website is dedicated to highlighting the contribution the United Kingdom has made to the promotion, development and evolution of reggae music.

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