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An exclusive event celebrating reggae history at the PPL offices in Soho on Tuesday 20 February 2024. The event will be hosted in conjunction with UK Reggae History and will feature their ‘Lovers Rock’ exhibition, as well as an in depth talk and Q&A with Colin Brown from the foundation.


“Hello Colin, I have been meaning to message you to tell you how impressed I was with the exhibition and all the work, research and effort that had clearly gone into putting it together.”
Sonia Ferguson Photo 1.png

Sonia Ferguson

Singer / Songwriter

"Let me start by saying respect to Colin (CeeBee) Brown and his team. I went along on Sunday 30th October 2022 and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that was available.”
Jimmy Lindsay & Friends Photo Edit.jpg

Jimmy Lindsay

Singer / Songwriter

Nuff kudos to *Colin (CeeBee) Brown* (and his Team) for putting on such an excellent display of the *The 1970's Lovers Rock* Musical Heritage (hopefully the first of many installments).”
PHOTO-2022-09-14-15-53-25 Edit.jpg

DJ Cameo Brown

Founder / Director

Campro Entertainment C.I.C



  • What is the purpose of this website?
    This website was created by Colin Brown aka CeeBee Multimedia to document the history of reggae music in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Can anyone contribute to the website?
    Yes. If you have historical UK reggae information that you think will be appropriate for this website please get in touch via the contact section.
  • Why is this website limited to UK reggae history?
    The motivation for this website is to document the contribution the UK has made to the development, evolution and promotion of reggae music.
  • When is the 1970's Lovers Rock UK Exhibition coming to my area?
    Our exhibitions have be done in partnership with organisations that have their own space. If there is an organisation with an exhibition space nearby where you live, please let us have the details and we will make contact.
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